My name bears a personal challenge that I embrace every day. Rooted in photography and beginning to flourish in film, I understand the power of visual storytelling, and how a single image can say so much more than just 1,000 words.

Who I am behind the lens is reflected in my work – meaning that every shot is not so much a portrait as it is a mirror, helping me to reveal my true self. As someone that descends from three generations of artistry, I feel it’s the combination of my American, Haitian and Cuban heritage that allows me to capture many different angles and perspectives, across many different and unique genres. 

From photography to film, and documentary to fashion, fitness and beyond, the past six years have taught me that my passion for content creation knows no bounds. I thrive off of the diversity in what I do, and believe that everyone and everything is beautiful when presented in the right light. So I seek out the elegance in whatever I compose, because even grit can be graceful.

I’ve done shows, hosted exhibits, and been a part of some of the best artistic showcases in Chicago. My work has been commissioned by prominent clients such as Loews, Four Seasons, Park Hyatt, Doubletree and Radisson, and has received recognition and publication from Cs Magazine, Michigan Ave Mag, the Chicago Sun-Times, and more.

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